Working for Justice

Pope Francis in number 231 of his encyclical letter Laudato Sii tells us: “Love, full of small gestures of mutual care, is also civil and political, and manifests itself in all actions that seek to build a better world.” Also around here, in Mozambique, we are working on this, in making a better world and we do it through the pastoral care of justice and peace. Justice, according to the social doctrine of the Church, consists in the constant and firm will to give to others what belongs to them and deserves them and not the crumbs.

Mozambique is a rich country, with many poor people, the majority, and some miserable ones. In recent years in the country has been discovered gold, natural gas, graphite is a very good material to make computers, wood of very good quality and I do not know how many more things, but who takes advantage of all this? As always happens are the multinationals, who use the little preparation of this town to deceive them and take away everything they can. The little that remains in the country is shared among a few, leaving the majority in their poverty, which constitutes a great injustice.

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