of Life and Mission of Our Congregation

“The Comboni Missionary Sisters are women consecrated to God for the mission “ad gentes.”

We came into being in 1872 and, because of the prophetic inspiration of Daniel Comboni, we were founded as an exclusively missionary institute. Comboni was a missionary who was passionate about Christ and about Africa and who always and everywhere gave priority to the most vulnerable people.

The vision of his is alive in us today wherever we are: in the African continent where we have our ministerial roots as well in Europe where we were founded, the America and Asia where, in response to the signs of the times, we are also present.

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Our Spirituality

Our core values of our life call us to live out the Gospel values contained in our charism through: values of prayerfulness, simplicity of life, “making common cause” with the people among whom we live.
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Our Charism

Our international membership provides us with an understanding of the various cultures and countries in which we live and serve. Enables us to empower people to unite and to work together toward a more just and peaceful world.

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Latest Events and News

The missionary life is made up of a continuous “departure” that involves their respective emotions and whose motive is to respond to the command of Jesus: “Go and make disciples of all nations”

Please remember the Comboni Sisters in your will.

Your generous support will bring positive change to society, along with the message of love, reconciliation and peace.

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Encouraging the growth of the values of the Kingdom
that we find already present in creation and in history.