Associates of the Comboni Missionary Sisters

are men and women who acknowledge a common call in Baptism to live Gospel values. They

Desire association with the Sisters as a means for personal growth and holiness

Believe in the dignity and giftedness of each person

Form an association of persons who enter into a mutually supportive relationship with the Comboni Missionary Sisters

Are a sign of God’s presence in our broken world

Share in the Comboni spirit, charism, values and heritage through regular times of prayer, worship and celebration, with the Sisters and other Associates, while maintaining their own lifestyle


We are a community of laypersons who seek to grow in personal holiness by our association with the Sisters’ charism (spirituality and mission), and core values of prayerfulness, simplicity of life, and “making common cause” with the people among whom we live.

We join the Sisters in living out our missionary call by becoming instruments of Christ’s compassion “for the poorest and the most forsaken” according to our ability and strength.


Expectations of Comboni Associates

• Prayer
• Extension of the Comboni spirit and charism to your homes, your places of work, and the marketplace
• Expansion of the vision and promotion of the mission of the Comboni Missionary Sisters in the Church
• Support and encouragement of others in the development of holistic spirituality and in their emerging roles in church and society
• Sharing of your gifts and expertise with the Comboni Missionary Sisters and Comboni Associates


• Prayerful remembrance and support of the Comboni Missionary Sisters
• Bond with the Sisters in a collaborative membership
• Sharing in hospitality and friendship with members of the Congregation
• Opportunities to promote personal spiritual growth in relationship with others of like interest
• Participation in spiritual and social functions of the Sisters

Become a Comboni Associate