The Friends of the CMS (FCMS) – 1997

One of the aims of the Comboni Missionary Sisters in the USA is the linguistic/professional preparation of the young Sisters for the mission. In helping them fulfill this aim, we share in their mission.

Periodically we meet with the Comboni Sisters to plan and to learn how we can be instrumental in seeing that those plans come to fruition.

FCMS is formed by:

Spirituality Committee ̶ planning for missionary celebrations and encouraging others to pray and support the mission and the missionaries.

Fundraising Committee ̶ proposing and executing fundraising projects particularly to support financially the CMS of this Delegation, and to help with the education of their members in the USA.

Hospitality Committee ̶ finding ways to welcome new members and planning for events.

Membership Committee ̶ promoting the Sisters mission and increasing membership in FCMS.

The support the Friends can give to the Sisters comes in many ways:

  • Through prayer
  • Encouragements (corresponding with Sisters in the mission)
  • Fund raising activities
  • Help in day to day needs that may arise


Being a friend of the Comboni Missionary Sisters is much more than just a ‘Friendship”. It has such deep significance because as the friendship grows you come to realize that you are part of a mission that started with Saint Daniel Comboni hundreds of years ago. As Comboni said “/ die but my work does not die” becomes a reality today as the friends and Comboni Sisters work together for the mission.  Read more…