Our Mission calls us to be

Women of Reconciliation ̶

We live in an age marked by violence, fragmentation and conflict. There is no mission more important in this NOW of our history than that of being builders of that reconciliations that the world awaits. Our desire is to tread this path both among ourselves and in the company of all peoples, sharing with them our weakness and our need for conversion of the heart. Also, our desire is to embrace love without boundaries and to search for the truth as a principle of our lives.

Ministry of Justice, Peace and the Integration of Creation

Women of Dialogue ̶

The search for truth in view of the common good urges us to journey with the people of other faiths. The heart of this journey is DIALOGUE; this calls for knowledge and respect. Our spirituality calls us to be open to the spiritual experiences of other religious traditions.

Ministry of Traditional Religions, Islam, Ecumenical Dialogue, and Sects

Women Open to Collaboration ̶

With his strong sense of catholicity, Comboni urged everyone to participate in the enterprise for the regeneration of Africa. While we collaborate with Religious Institutes and the local churches, we are also called upon to share our charism with the laity, to their witness and to network with them.

Women Open to the New Areas of Evangelization that Challenge Us ̶

We are aware of the new areas of evangelization: the world of communications, the international organizations working for justice, peace and the integration of creation for sustainable development challenge us.

Networking Ministry with Organizations and Lay People

Today, in many ways, thousands of people across four continents live the legacy of St. Daniel Comboni ̶ expressing the caring heart and presence of Jesus ̶ to our broken and suffering world. Sisters, Comboni Friends, Associates, Employees, Board Members, Volunteers, and Friends give modern shape to his spirit as they share God’s love with each person.