Our Congregation

has been enriched by the personal and cultural diversity of each Sister. The experience of intercultural living at the heart of the “Cenacle of Apostles” (community), opens us to new horizons. As we allow ourselves to be permeated by the presence of God and the reality of mission, we become regenerating communities, women of hope, prophetic signs, and a witness in a world challenged by the phenomenon of globalization.


had a clear idea of the kind of person the missionary sister should be; he demanded that they be:

“Women in love with Jesus Christ, forever walking the road of the mission to be sisters and companions on the journey of the least important ones.”

Making “common cause” with a profound sense of gratitude for the peoples whose lives we share, those who welcome us, trust us, pardon, and love us.

Sisters open to hospitality in order to build more meaningful relationships, so that in simplicity and truth we can share more deeply the Gospel message.

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